Late, but not too late

Admittedly, I am entering the discussion a little late. But only now do I have the time and the time to add my mustard to the subject. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to say that it is too late. Covid-19, Sars-CoV-2 or simply Corona will, in my opinion, accompany us for some time.

My view of things

I'm not a scientist! I do not have to arouse a great public interest in what I have said. I'm just letting my thoughts wander on this subject. Let's see if anyone finds themselves in the blog for a discussion. I therefore have my knowledge of this subject where most of us also have it – TV and print media, social media and from conversations with friends and colleagues. The latter, because it is distributed all over the world, allows me to compare our situation in Germany with that in other countries – first-hand and unfiltered.

Corona is real

What I can say, Corona exists. While the whole thing was still very far away for me during the first lockdown, the "impacts" have come closer by now. First it "caught" friends in Poland, now three friends in Germany. Luckily, everyone is back on.  However, I can now rightly say that there is this particular viral disease. And there are actually very different manifestations – from a few days of mild fever to more serious respiratory problems and necessary hospitalization.

Denial useless

Oh, and one more thing: I take the liberty of not dealing with Corona deniers or any conspiracy theorist. I do not shy away from any factual discourse – but experience shows that no factual discussion is possible here. So I'll spare myself that.

MyCovid-19 Diary

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