I heard an interesting report on the radio a few days ago. Researchers have investigated why, under the impression of corona and lockdown, some people deny corona or even following conspiracy theories.

Denial as protection

I consider myself a very insightful person. That is why I have tried to understand the deniers of the pandemic, at least to some extent. For me, denial is a protective mechanism for many. Ignore the threatening and incomprehensible. Just as people who have high debts often tend not to open bills and ignore them.

The Legacy of Cavemen

But why does this protection mechanism (fortunately) only apply to so few people? Why do most of us more or less join the lockdown without complaint? Austrian researchers justify this with the so-called cave competence. In short, our pre-pre-pre-ancestors were forced from time to time to seek shelter in caves due to external circumstances (volcanic eruptions, climate changes). In this situation, not falling into depression and conspiracy theories, but on the contrary to deal positively with this restrictive situation, is called cave competence. The lack of such abilities in our forefathers (and mothers) meant a lower chance of survival for them.

More information on this topic can be found here.

Cave competence

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