Me too now as well! Spring and summer, I have endured the SARS-CoV-2 restrictions with house renovations and gardening. Gardening is currently not possible and the hardware stores have also closed and could not be used as a replacement for shopping centres, amusement parks, theatres and cinemas. At the same time, it concerned me for a while to share things with interested people that goes beyond simple Facebook or Instagram posts.

As the headline suggests, I’m a blog novice. And I do this for my pleasure. I do not link this to any political message, I do not claim to know things better than others, and do not want to teach anyone or convince them of my opinion. I’ll just see how it goes. If I’m the only one who reads my blogs, that’s fine.

It’s a bit like stomach ulcers – if you have something on your soul, it just has to get out – otherwise you might just get stomach ulcers.

In this sense, if one or the other still thinks my blogs are interesting, funny or whatever, I wish you a lot of fun reading and discussing.

My first blog

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