Born in 1962, I have been working in the field of computers and networking for more than 30 years. Like so many with similar biography, I started screwing up the first computers myself and then using the technologies available 30 years ago to connect them locally or via telephone lines.

I then became specialized in IT security, quality management and business development and management consulting – I am phrasing it this way, because I think that only the least was really long-term planned by me. It has "emerged" and with a mixture of sound basic knowledge, a good dose of curiosity, openness and a little courage, I have always faced new challenges.

Privately, there were and still are two passions for me. Until 2003 I danced together with my wife dancing tournaments – most recently in the highest German amateur class. Unfortunately, training and work were increasingly difficult to reconcile. When dancing, it is in the nature of things that both dance partners must always be available at the same training and competition time. So I was looking for a new sporting activity that I can do with my wife, but also alone (or with friends). So I came to golf about 10 years ago, and I have to admit that it is most of the times more suffering than passion.

Recently I am an "interim independent gentleman". After very nice, but also very intensive professional years, I got the chance to "get out". I think it's wonderful to try something new again. I don't know what that will be, but the very fact that I now find the time to start this blog site is a real win for me.