And again and again new measures

Today when driving on the radio: Once again the discussion about the effectiveness of the Corona measures. This time, the focus is on the planned entry restrictions from countries where the new Corona mutations are particularly strong. I do not want to evaluate this single measure now. Like most of us, I am in the fortunate position of not having to make these difficult decisions.

What I have had to say again, however, is that the most common counter-argument is that this measure does not prevent the introduction of virus mutations. Similar responses have been and still are in the case of the other Corona countermeasures. "Closing the restaurants does not stop the virus", "when shopping not so many people are infected" etc.

Is there 100% protection?

However, we must say goodbye to the fact that a measure or even a package of measures will provide 100% protection against the virus. That will not happen. Vaccinations will not be able to do that either (it cannot be a "normal" flu vaccine, either). As with many other things in life, it's simply a matter of setting the barriers to virus spread as high as possible. And for those who are responsible, it is, of course, also necessary to intervene where one has a handle. We have (unfortunately) found in recent months that this is not always in the most effective places.

I think we could have left restaurants open .B if we could have avoided private meetings, parties, gatherings on the way to the restaurant or after 100%. This is not possible in our country (perhaps fortunately). But some precautions, even if they may only have a 20 percent effectiveness, in addition help to limit the spread of the virus. Once again, there will be no 100% protection.

Less is sometimes more

Why 80:20? First of all, because I was looking for a nice headline for this post. But it is also a rule that often helps me in my professional life. Here, too, it is a question of the fact that the 100% is always difficult to achieve. In project management, product development and, and, and … If we sometimes settle for 80% at first, we can achieve something sooner than if we try to get the absolute maximum out – and perhaps notice too late that we can never really achieve it.

So we are saying goodbye to the 100% action. Let us help each other by supporting all the measures taken to achieve the greatest possible effectiveness against the virus.

80:20 Rule

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